Inherit the Wind

We watched this last night. This was the film based on the stage play about the Scopes Trial in the 1920s,written and produced in 1955. I picked up a copy of that play last night, too. I should have looked for H.L. Mencken’s version. After all, that’s the part Gene Kelly played in the film. Mencken thought like me.

Patience, though. It’s on my list for next month.

A long time ago, my Aunt Marguerite Hall was some sort of ambassador to Europe around WWI. She had a letter of recommendation from William Jennings Bryan, who I saw in the film as represented by the character of Matthew Brady. I used to be impressed by that. As my life has gone on and I’ve expanded my own experiences and perceptions, I lean less his way and more toward Mencken’s in particular.

Ignorance is not bliss, right?

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