This takes me back to junior high. Mama owned a sulky racer named Lady Martha Washington III, Lady for short. She was third in a line of local “celebrity” horses. Everybody loved her. She loved squealing kids, which was a good thing. We were squealers. Eventually I grew up and went to cooing and whispering. She loved that just as much.

Mama wouldn’t let any of us ride her because, according to Mama, she wasn’t at all trained for riding, just sulky racing. As much as she loved us kids, Lady was just as happy.

After all, she still got apples, sugar cubes, carrots, and hay just as always with us. I took great delight in her nosing in my pockets. “Whatcha got there, little girl? Is that for ME??”

I still remember her nuzzles. There was a great peace in that.

This is why I love my mini-horsie, Gizzie, so very much. He has given me peace like that for 13 years.