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I’m Not Selling Anything.

I have nothing to sell. My words aren’t even worth the wifi required to type them out, I think. I could say the words are worth a dime a dozen. I’m not so sure about that. I personally don’t think my opinions are anything but ramblings. I do enjoy rambling for you all, though.

Buy me coffee only if you want to. Mark makes us coffee every day.

You could help us out. He picks up Folgers Black Silk while I, once a month, buy Bunker Nation Coffee both because it’s really good and because it’s a way to help an old friend. If you’re interested, you can find it and him at

He’s a fun guy and quite intelligent and forthright.

That said, I am ever so grateful to Matt Mullenweg for giving me a reason to exist somewhere other than my chair. l just don’t need to do more than jabber. He lets me do that, and for less than I thought possible some time ago. Some entrepreneurs are worth it. Some are not. He’s worth it.