My Little Corner

This is my corner.

Just above, angled in the corner, is a painting one of Mark’s friends did years ago. To our right is my straight backed “throne” just barely out of the doorway, and right of that is the blessed cat tree whose presence makes it agonizing to get past extra curtains, through that doorway, into the dining room, and on to the kitchen, which I try to do at least a couple of times a day with the walker. I have no choice.

Four words: this is not helpful.

I think we should ditch the pillow. The stepstool on the left needs to find a home under the throne on the right. Switch the end table and recliner. Run the cables behind everything. Make the laptop so that it can remain friends with the end table, or better yet, get one of these for that wall:

It’s actually larger and more stable than the TV tray I have. One on each side of me. That’s like sitting at an office desk.

Eventually I’ll get this streamlined, preferably by myself. Watch me.