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Sunday Freakout

Trevor Milton, it makes sense that you’ve been caught out. While Elon Musk has been a bit too confident sometimes, he’s never quite been the raging bombastic lunatic you have been. In the end he will be more cautious. You will, I hope spend jail time and incur massive fines for your misbehavior, heartless fraud, and out-and-out cheating.

You effing lose.

I received mail yesterday that I should have expected. It seems my 50 year reunion is upon us. Unfortunately due to health issues and travel restrictions, I won’t be going. I haven’t gone since the 15th. To be honest, 45 years later, I don’t feel any different about it. I hope they take me off their mailing list and save themselves some postage. They don’t need to send me more stuff.

The end.

Catrise was at 6:05. Tigger-rise was at 6:15. Mommy stumbled out of bed at almost 6:30, took her weather-related Tylenol, and slugged down First Coffee.

The day has begun. Time to make the bed.