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Happy Friendship Day

Just to add emphasis to what I said yesterday, today happens to be National Friendship Day. Again, thanks, you guys. All of you. In your own special ways, you are my friends.

Today is Caturday. Catrise was at 6:15. I do love Gizzie’s little wakeup mew. He gives Daddy 15 minutes, then they all MUSTBEFED under threat of DISHBANGING! Thus began Round One. Since then he’s had 3 breakfasts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had 4 or 5 today. He’s such a boy!

Elon Musk 10. Bezos 0. I’m satisfied with that.

I went to Nook last night to see what they had for free books. I hate romance garbage, but after some time, I was utterly impressed with the other listings I found. I also discovered that just a basic general look gave me dead on reasonable prices, a lack of proprietary exclusivity (general EPUB rather than Kindle’s AZW bull) and, come the 3rd, I’ll be “off to the races”, so to speak.

I feel like a different person entirely. Nothing wrong with that.