Jeff Bezos Is Not My Astronaut | No Mercy / No Malice

My favorite particpant in this entire fiasco is still Wally Funk. Of all of them, she’s the one who has the knowledge and any form of expertise – and she was disappointingly exploited because of it. She’s the only one who could have reasonably been defined as an astronaut. All others paid a ridiculous fee for their fake “status”.

They are, at best, an embarrassment, and they didn’t go to outer space, anyway. This wasn’t newsworthy. The media in general has been getting paid to go diving in dumpsters. Flyboys, empasis on “boy”.

I look forward to Jared’s trip because of his reasoning for doing so. His emphasis backing charity at least gives it purpose. And that young man is actually going into outer space.

You go, Jared!