Yes, I did it again. I chose a theme and format that worked better for me right now. Hey! I’m old! I “moved”! Let’s all live with it.

Before I was 12, we moved house 11 times. We were all born in Clarinda, but we moved from Wisconsin to Illinois and then back to Iowa.

In that last estate in Clarinda, we each had a bedroom and one was left over. There was a master fireplace in one of them, just as there was one in the living room. We kids almost fought over that room. By the time I was 16, though, I didn’t feel a need for it. The small bedroom at the top of the stairs – a former closet – was more to my liking. It was a perfect fit.

The house was huge, built around 1860 on most of an acre when the town didn’t reach that far and the high school up the street to the west was just a dream they had. Behind us was a farm full of odd beasties. My first encounters with peacocks, llamas, and donkeys were across the fence. Such beautiful little characters!

From what I know the house was moved to make room for a spoiled little rich girl who wanted the land, not the house or its 150+ year history, or its wraparound porch. It was subsequently torn down to make room for an apartment building.

Can you imagine! This is nothing by comparison in size, but very cosy and full of love and happiness.