Why I dumped Goodreads

Top Reviewers or Bot Reviewers: the Goodreads Bot Problem.

To be honest, Goodreads has been a problem for me since they destroyed/”lost” my attempts to keep a record of my books many decades ago. I don’t nor would I ever use something this commonplace to list my honest book reviews. Heck, I did that in my 40s. I posted them regularly for a special literary review, not Goodreads.

What I did then and do now are completely different in scope. Back then, proper form was important to me. I don’t need to do any of that now. These days people read on their own.

I do have a reputation for random recommendations, and some people do want to read those. My life does not continue based on what they have to say.

Goodreads has become a pathetic swipe at the literary industry. Actually these days, so are most published works and their place in the industry in general.