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I know I’m slated for a world of hurt when the two oldest boys are up BEFORE the birds. The sun has barely hit the horizon. It’s so grey out yet!

And they woke Tigger.

Dear God! Let me sleep another hour! 5:30 is too d*** early! This means I had only 5 hours of sleep. In my physical condition, that’s not enough.

But up I rise, placating the wee beasties – smothering them with reassuring pets and kisses – and stumble through the morning. Literally.

Coffee, pills, and the official bedmaking ensued. I should be in a coma by now…

I wish two things this morning, that my head would stop banging a gong and that I could walk. This is what happens when your body is not well rested.

We carry on. The babycats have been convinced they need care immediately.