Early risers and night owls

Early risers and night owls: A neuroscientist explains who is happiest

I am neither or both. It used to depend on my plans and projects for the day. I never seemed to be tired. I existed on whatever level of workload and caffeine existed in my environment at the time. I always had to recharge – who doesn’t – but it was sometimes 3 hours and sometimes 8 – and sometimes Mama’s orders.

To this day, I am still happy except the first hour after sleeping. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how long I sleep. I need a jumpstart.

It takes a cup of coffee and has since I was a toddler. If Mama left her coffee on the coffee table, I was sly enough to get a quick swallow and then move on.

Nothing has changed. It’s just that these days require more rest because everything goes at the speed of Turtle, so when Tigger gets up for the day, he takes me with him. Oh, well, eh?