Shoppin’ For Freebies

No, that’s not a big thing, really. No clothes, shoes, books, or household trinkets were involved. It was simply a future estimate of what I may or may not do with my web presence.

I’m a simple girl. This means one place free of much chaos. I find this is easy enough to express myself, and that’s important to me.

Thanks, Matt. You and Warren helped me turn major corners in my life so that I could climb out of self-dug holes by myself in uncomfortable times.

And I found “water” both times!

While I summarily shut down all attempts for social media to get in my bed, so to speak, I did research many places like GoDaddy, WIX, Squarespace, and even medium and minds. They all pushed sell, sell, sell. They’re not as concerned with simple bloggers who write just because. Matt was the first I saw with what I consider the right attitude. He holds true to my own belief system.

So I messed with things, got all in place, and moved on to work through a better email system for me. I had 4 separate ones until today. I ditched 3 of them and spent some time analyzing what I have. I’m now shaking things up and rearranging what I have, holding on to the oldest and going back in time to having a new account at Outlook.

This also prompted me to look for a new charity newsletter.

And we’re off.