True, That

Since I was about 12, I was aware that I had the ability to think critically. I credit my mother for that ability, as well as her father having taught her before that. Their primary skill was to think for themselves. At the time the numbers who used critical thinking skills were slowly diminishing and appears to have fallen off the cliff with each succeeding generation.

Many times over the years I have been told by figures of authority, be it teachers or some sort of perceived official, that I was spending too much time thinking outside the box, not following the crowd.

It’s called research. As a journalist, I leaned heavily on this ability. It got me in trouble many times. It put me in the midst of war torn areas, caused me twice to lose my passport, forced me to run for my life on several occasions, but never at any time did I follow the crowd.

My faith is not religiously based. My “politics” put me outside any mainstream. I’ve learned how to be an individual and hold up my end of a discussion.

This is who I am.

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