What a Day!

You know, sleep wasn’t much of a happening thing last night. Little Gizzie had nightmares combined with an acute awareness of gremlins that would startle him, wake him up and cause him to look around the ceiling in the dark. He would whimper, then snuggle in tighter and go back to sleep for another hour. This continued until his usual 4:20. Then he got up and resumed his kitty duties.

In the meantime, Mark was supremely active. I think he kicked me a dozen times and whapped me in the jaw once. It surprised me, to say the least. I know he didn’t mean to. He was just as surprised and apologized.

Roger, bless his little heart, must have thought he needed to look after me from his perch on the nightstand. He stretched out his little paw and patted my arm several times. As squished as I was between bodies – cat and human – I am surprised he could reach me.

I estimate I got about an hour of sleep total. This morning I woke up with a headache, followed by rolling ocular migraines, diarrhea, continual nausea, and, of course, the remnants of sleep deprivation.

Let’s start over. Now. I’m done whining and glad to be alive!

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