Oh, Claudette, You Mean Girl!

Meteorologists, who named this storm Claudette, say she/it is gaining strength as she/it goes north and east. She was already beating the crap out of people in Florida and she was only a tropical depression. As she keeps moving up the coast and putting on her big girl pants, she is becoming a full-size hurricane.

I hope South Carolina is ready. They’re supposed to be the first. By the time she gets here, she’ll be mostly oceanbound, but she may fluff her petticoats over us.

We’re basically prepared. We don’t need much in the way of Western World stuff. We live simply. We just need to be able to read.

Roger’s not a fan of inclement weather. Everybody else stays in. If it thunders much, we’ll have a bed full of little quaking bodies, but at least they know we love them. They trust us. It’s very comforting.