Yesterday was rife with anxiety starting with preparing for the clinic appointment all the way through the rest of the day.

Sadly, my husband was highly critical of me most of the day. This, of course, was both understandable from the standpoint of his need to place blame – and heartily annoying from my stress-laden point of view. To avert issues, I tried desperately to just to let it go.

I have to be an embarrassment.

The clinic appointment itself was extremely positive. Juliette is an excellent friend and ally. Everyone at CAHN is cheery and friendly. I wish they would bring the entire lot of them to my house, so I didn’t have so much anxiety going outside.

Mental gremlins, you know.

The elimination system in my body worked overtime in every conceivable way. The only time that worked well was their need for a urine sample and my quick ability to supply one. Other than that, everything worked far beyond controllable expectations, including violent fecal discharges at home. And, of course, that was my fault. The blame-placing continued all day. So did cleanup. It is expected.

I went to bed early. I was exhausted. But today, all is back to normal. And I mean everything. My blood pressure was even back in normal range.

Such is life in an agoraphobic world.

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