You Can’t Be Serious

Apparently Facebook is developing a smartwatch. Coming to an online store near you!

I laughed so hard! What better way to spend stimulus money than on a trinket like this! Zuck must be ridiculously obsessed with the concept of “mo’ money”. Let’s all run out and buy one. This way he controls even more of the masses. I’ll bet they have them on speedy-delivery through Amazon.

This is Zuck’s way, and I’m not the only one who sees it, of trying to hurt Apple. Steve’s dead, you ignorant chicken-sucking honky. Your threat is subsequently ignored. Some of us actually support grace and sanity, not bullying. Get over it.

Why does the media keep telling stories like this and feeding the sarcasm I try so hard to control??

I’m too old for this. I only have a few years left, you know.