Did you stumble?

There were global glitches in global web uses. It affected all sorts of things from social media performance to online shopping to stats and usage of blogging platforms.

Why? The outage was supposedly from a one- person error in the use of edge cloud developer Fastly’s program, which is popularly used by so many. They’re fast, smooth, and run by humans. That last part means you must always leave room for adjustment. They really are an outstanding CDN. (No, not Canadian; content delivery network.)

The crash and burn was massive. Imagine a NASCAR race and at death-defying speed, a 15-car pileup occurs. Nobody was killed, but still…

You have probably suffered coughs and sputters off and on since the official 1-hour outage a couple of days ago. I know I have.

The magic of the worldwide web is fallible, after all. Aren’t we all. Don’t hassle them about this. Stuff happens.