Gizzie today.

Our little boy is back to normal today. Why this happened was beyond me, until I did some research. (Who, me, research?? You don’t say!)

I based my research on the antiemetic the vet prescribed for him last time: sucralfate oral suspension. The reason was a stomach irritation they couldn’t define, so his sudden stomach irritation prompted them to treat him for a possible stomach ulcer.

I get it. He has flare ups. It happens. So we continue to use it. It’s like my own stomach issues that developed when I was in my 30s. I had to take Tagamet for this reason for many years after.

I researched many options for acquiring his sucralfate, too. Thank goodness it doesn’t require a prescription! We can get it easily enough online, and inexpensively. It just doesn’t magically apply itself. Thank goodness he’s good about taking meds.

Bless the availability of online research and shopping for OTC meds!