This morning I’ve been busy. I made a banking decision and will rectify the entire issue in July. It will be fun! I found a relatively local bank with a high approval rating, tons of online availability, a free checking account with no fees of any kind for limited income people like me, a way to transfer my share of the bills to Mark without either one of us having to traipse to the bank, and…voila! Issue sorted.

The next thing on the list is working on this site. It’s a trial and error kind of thing. You’ll see some wild visuals for a while. And I thought I wanted to be a .org. From what I’ve researched, I would have to pay for that privilege and start over. Now I have a hosting entity I probably didn’t need, but I’ll figure out how to use it properly.

Be patient with me. I’m trying. Believe me.

So on with the day. Things to do and things to distract me.

In case you were curious, a new book for me won’t come until next week, so hang in there, fellow book lovers!

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