I’ve been struggling with my banking with PayPal for at least a month. I don’t know if it’s something they did, or I did. I’m inclined to say it’s my fault and carry on.

But several news stories and a BBB rating of “B” plus a mile long list in their concerns of both frozen accounts and arbitrary proprietary measures are prompting me to rethink that.

I have a monthly income of $753.00. That isn’t a lot to spread around, but think I am going to have to rethink some of the practices I have used for years.

What would you do?

I just logically upgraded my WordPress plan to be able to include some extra bells and whistles. I may or may not need them.

The big new inclusion for me is the potential for Buddychat. At the same time, my brain is freaking out. My Asperger’s is screaming, “NooOOOooo!!” We’ll see. I will go month-to-month until the fall and then go annually if this works out.

What would you do?

Amazon all of a sudden declines my payment method. That same payment method works for everyone else. The question is, do I need the hassle? I say I don’t. I’m not a company store dead head. I can use WalMart with a lower annual fee and they’ll take my card. I can go ANYWHERE without the hassle, actually. They don’t need me, and I don’t need them.

What would you do?

I have to tell you. Since I left social media, I started reading more and getting better quality sleep. I am amazed that my clarity of thought is so much greater. It was an ego thing and a devastating addiction. I gave that up willingly, and I am not sorry.

I’m not even going to ask what you would do. I did it, and I’m happy.

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