Little Discoveries

In a world of singularities, I’ve done so much searching for alternatives that my head is almost reeling!

We have decided that we’re going to see if we can acquire a regular Wells Fargo account to stabilize my money. The best thing for us would be to transfer my portion of the bills, about half my check, without Mark having to go to the bank, use my cash card at the ATM in the bank and then go 3 feet to the teller to put the money in his account. Talk about redundancy on top of redundancy! It’s a waste of $5.00 every time, too.

We hope we can sort this Monday. I mean, the money is already in a Paypal account at Wells Fargo. It makes sense to me to cut out that middleman.

In other news, Amazon has some fast competition now that the Walmart app shows that they’re just as good. In fact, with some things we have normally purchased via Amazon, we can also get via WalMart.

An Amazon Video? It’s not as exclusive as they think. Welcome to Vudu. Same thing, just with different “makeup”. And no fees. At all. They’ve casually teamed up with Walmart on the side. Interesting how that works!

Today is Caturday. I’ve done a lot already. I do think I need to nap with these two boys. ❤️