My brother-in-law is a wise man. Tom’s theory is “if I wouldn’t want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and chat, why in hell would I give up a full weekend for a reunion.” (Quote by TMC via EDC.)

That’s exactly it. Just because you went to school with them, especially if they’re a bunch of less-than-functioning clueless knotheads, doesn’t mean you ever have to see them again.

Maybe they’re not clueless knotheads, but they don’t think like you do, or have your sense of ethics and sanity. So what if you don’t fit in with them? Especially if you’re retired, you don’t have to subject yourself to what you could consider their insufferable weird differences.

I am at peace in my life now. Since I made the decision to step away from disagreeable personalities a couple of days ago, I may seem intolerant, but I’m not. I’m just selective. I no longer feel like arguing with people. I’ll walk away every time now. I’ll leave the arguing to my gorgeous husband.