Breaking the Chains

This will be interesting. To eliminate social network platforms will do two things: stop catering to my anxiety/ADHD and depression issues and hit nonsocial behavior right between the eyes. All of them hit the dumpster today – FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. To go to any of them means a step away from the ability to focus.

This right here is different. I’m writing again. My focus is actually better, and just coming here once or twice a day means I’m reading at length again. Do you know I have a Kindle library of over 3,000 unread titles? That’s a sign of weakness as far as I’m concerned. In 65 years (I started reading when I was 3.) I have never had that many. That’s a problem I need to fix.

I can’t blame the pandemic for this. It went back to Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe and the advent of MySpace in August of 2003.

I had been online from the mid 80s on because of Daddy, going here and there and everywhere from then on. I’ll be honest. I didn’t start losing my clarity, though, until Zuck the Schmuck reared up in 2005 or so.

I can’t believe it took me this long to get over its pull toward massive ego stroking and über laziness. Now, though, I’m done with it, and I do mean done. Of the 70 people on my list over there, only two of them cared enough to look for me here. This speaks volumes to me.

I met my husband there, but not because of the Schmuck. It was because of the fabulous presence of John Faithful Hamer. It could have happened anywhere online. If we had all been still on BB, we would have still found each other. It was meant to be.

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Chains

    1. I’m rethinking the need for Buddychat. Maybe I’ll just leave that alone. Having twice as many here following my blog is good enough, really. I’m not selling anything. I just know my “voice” is heard.


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