I’m Reading. Really.

It’s very dark and raining. When I got up this morning, it was 74°F. It is now 59°. It’s so dark that reading is difficult. My eyes are swollen and I have a monstrous headache. Let’s get on with the day, already!

Other news is making itself impossible to ignore. Today’s newsletters were full of good stuff for a change. One I highly recommend is The Morning Brew. You can find it on Google easily and I think it has an app.

One of my favorite writers also referees news reports. His name is Jim Wright. You may know him as Stonekettle Station. Besides writing a blog and having a rather large presence on Facebook, he’s published a book or two and done several podcasts. I have considered him my friend since 2005.

So. Now on this frightfully humid day, I’ll go back to reading.

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