While I can…

I learned some interesting things today about entitlement, intelligence, being yourself, and a toxic emotional environment. A girl whose work I’d been following actually made a friend request.


I don’t know why she did, but I am one very honored grandma-type and proud to know more about her. She’s in NYC. That wouldn’t be far from me, if it weren’t for my serious levels of anxiety, plus the fact that I’m disabled. I understand part of my disability is attributed to my high levels of various meds required to treat HBP and heart issues, plus the aftereffects from those everloving strokes.

I also realize that every now and then I suffer dramatically from PTSD. It was because of my escapades in Kosovo. The repercussions were horrible twenty years ago. The doctors then gave me hope, though. This, too, shall pass.

For the most part, it did, but still I have moments that last a few weeks over which I don’t seem to have control.

What can I do? I deal with it. Nights will be chaos for a while.