This is nothing.

For as long as I can remember, ocular migraines have been an annoyance. For some reason, they now stop me in my tracks, blinding me more than ever before and now lasting as long as a couple of hours. And with wearing headaches! This is a new development. I find myself anxious and hoping they’ll just…STAHP, already!

They also don’t happen when I’ve already shut down for the night. They hit during my “peak” hours. It’s like having to go to corporate board meetings. They’re worthless.

There’s nothing I can do. There is no cure or medication for them. They’re just part of me.

My worst days are those when a battalion of them roll through. Without fail, it’s a day when I have things to say or do. Like today. Life sucks today. I have zero patience for this.

Be kindly there for me, as you always are. I very much appreciate you all.