Tantrum Tuesday

We were awakened by noisy kitties this morning. Why? Because the quilt they love so much fell on the floor in the night. We didn’t hear the end of it for a couple of hours. I restored their flipping quilt-covered bed space, and all went quiet. We had to give them a bit more paté as a consolation, and they were fine for a few minutes.

It’s like having kids in some ways. If you don’t do things their way, you’ll hear about it.

Then there’s my need for extreme quiet until I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

After that first mug, give me an hour, and I can communicate in a friendly way. That’s when my intelligence rears its head.

I read, write email to people and talk in complete sentences until about 6:00 at night. Then my body shuts down for the night and we stream shows.

I stop talking then. I have to. Since the strokes, my functionality is extremely limited. That doesn’t mean my brain stops.

It is what it is. Some people who knew me in the old days would call that a blessing.

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