Integration of Medical Issues

Not that long ago, I had doctors who looked at the complete picture of my medical foibles and could help me correct many of them. Now? I have specialists with tunnel vision. If you ask them a general question, the blanket response has been, “Not my job, man. Not my job.”

This makes me glad that I learned so much from my old doctors. Widen your scope. Research. Learn. Think outside the box. Don’t be a putz and question everything.

In my case in particular, I have issues with medicine, after effects from several strokes, leftover issues from a childhood seasonal allergy problem, a bum leg from a birth defect, and now old-freaking-age.

How do you adjust? It takes time and reason. If you rely on someone else to know how your body works, you are in big trouble. You need to know and understand yourself. Don’t become a sinkhole that others have to fill. And don’t give up. You need to be your best case scenario.

Details tomorrow when I have my concentration level back. Right now that window is small.

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