So Today…

I realized my life habits are changing. Not bad for an old lady, eh? I seem to be able to swing with the smart people again, despite my health issues.

I unfortunately can’t say that about others I know. My eyes are opening to the various species of lemmings that have evolved over the past few decades. It seems to be getting worse with the passage of time.

One of my bad habits used to be my very bad impulse buying issue. It used to be everything except the rocks in the street. Now I’m much more judicious. I’m carefully replacing my wardrobe full of T-shirt statements with 7 actual, flowery, decent- looking blouses. While I’m keeping my jeans, many other things need to go. We have a good donation bin a few short blocks away. Let the donating begin!

In the last 4 or 5 years I used to use book buying as an excuse. I now have over 3,000 books. I’ve read 500. I need to stop.

Ya think??

Social media. When the Schmuck first tried to destroy me, subsequently cancelled me and eliminated 12 years of history, I was both running around in circles and frantic for a new place to be. I released that craziness and started thinking about the reasons for my being there in the first place.

It wasn’t a social sort of thing. I have never been very social. It all boiled down to words, either reading them or writing them myself. This is why I was a journalist, a proofreader, an editor, and now a blogger. It’s why I am determined to write this book about Mom.

So now I budget closely, look out for my former overbuying issues, and I write what I want. Here. At WordPress.

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