I Love My PayPal!

Without question, this burgeoning need of the government to cram money down my throat is all well and good until you run careening down the hill trying to spend your money until it’s completely gone. It’s not an issue of being in debt but finding out too late that you’ve spent every last dime you have.

Because I happily have PayPal, that isn’t likely to happen to me. There are limitations, and I am aware of them. They also remind me, gently, to keep my enthusiasm in check.

Today, I discovered that I’d already reasonably spent my normal limit. I can’t do that again until the 3rd. If I want to do otherwise, I’d have to authorize a larger limit, which means I’m suggesting that I “got a raise”. I did not. I’ll just hang on to what is left.

Many thanks to my buddies at PayPal for helping me stay on the right path! I can stay well within my budget under normal circumstances, but with the government messing with me, it’s much easier to lose track.