Living Within Our Means

We just talked about this this morning.

One thing we learned from our parents, as well as my few years as a corporate accountant, was to watch how we spend money. Of course, we tend to view frugality differently, but we are still very aware how we spend every penny we have.

I maybe spend a lot on books, but I get to happily pay the mortgage. He pays the utilities and so forth. Every now and then we invest in new technology. We don’t subscribe to much of anything. We do each have Amazon Prime, but that’s our main frivolous expense and we use it for several things each.

We don’t need tchotckes or a car.

We have a monitor we use as a television, and basic watch time is a couple of hours a day.

We have cats. The fact we have pets is usually considered a First World thing and we happily embrace it. They keep us real.

For a couple of “kids” who were raised upper middle class, and almost completely upper class, we fell into a decent groove on the poverty line, and we’re doing just fine. It’s often difficult to remember we’re supposed to be poor.

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