Wednesday’s Usual Madness

As sure as I was I would die last night, I became just as sure I couldn’t go yet because cats, especially Roger. He’s not a young boy. I worry about him. Why was he fussing so?

Lately he has been fussing loudly. Last night that fussing was frequent. After some time avoiding my touch, yet still whining, he climbed into bed between us, leaned against me, asked for pets, settled down, and purred and slept for a couple of hours securely protected by his loving humans.

This morning he was his happy, active self. Who knows what goes on in the minds of kitties?

Going on in my mind is the avoidance of thought control. I’m saying very little on Facebook while I’m there, mainly because my interest is/was only in my friends. Facebook’s opinionated way of handling things be damned. This is a main reason for clinging tightly to Matt. Another reason is my ability to express myself freely.

As far as reading and studying go, I’m still continuing my Jared Diamond and feeling a sudden need to burst out “Yes!” on occasion thus startling the kitty hordes… By yes, I do see his points. I have yet, so far, to disagree with him.

In a sense, this is going to end up a full semester long independent study, doing it as I did before, on my own, using my critical thinking skills and without enrolling in a university this time. For me at my age, this is the best way for me to go. I have enough degrees as it is, but I do love the study process.

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