Physical Foibles

I must be aging disgracefully. Getting up in the morning is a process that’s getting slower and slower. I fear that someday I’ll just not get up. My legs are weaker and heavier now even after rehabbing and doing my part of the housework than they were after the strokes.

I blame medication. I have narrowed down which ones are giving me nausea and which are causing the degradation of my stability. They all make me tired all the time. Can I effectively take them at night? Yes, all but Carvedilol dosage which is twice daily, morning and night.

I would be off my walker in no time if it weren’t for the meds, though. I’m smart enough to be aware that taking them once a day means their effectiveness lasts 24 hours.

I do think the Carvedilol dosage is too high. Twice daily, I do understand. I would like to see the dosage each time dropped from 12.5 mg. (25 mg. in a day) to about 6.25 and see if it still works. My thought is that it’s overkill otherwise and messes with my stability.

My kingdom for my cane again!

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