And We Move On

While it’s nice to say hi to my friends on Facebook, the only thing it does, really, is let them know I’m not dead. I’m much more comfortable here.

Slowly, I’m getting friends back. Then there are those who came out of nowhere. I have no idea who they are. They weren’t long-time friends at all. But it doesn’t matter in the long run. I won’t be there much.

I’m a little excited. Today two things happened or are going to happen. a) I got to donate to my favorite shelter and b) my new Lenovo tablet arrives. While I do enjoy my Kindle Fire for its readability as far as books are concerned, its proprietary nonsense annoys me. There are things it won’t let me use at all. Therefore it’s not as “Android” as you would think. It’s not even Apple oriented. It’s an entity all to itself. So for that reason, it’s not helpful to me.

I was sad to hear that Prince Philip died. Liz has a right to grieve. He was an interesting man. Still, like everyone else in the world, he met his maker and that’s the end. It will happen to me, too.

I only hope it hits me quicker than it did him. People are complaining about his “privilege”. Suck it up and carry on, you morons. Yes, I’m talking to you.

I appreciate Cipolla’s Basic Laws of Human Stupidity even more now than I would have in my youth.