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Monday, Monday…

It was a beautiful start to the day. All kitties had statements to make, birds needed to argue, the dawn was stretching and yawning…and so were we.

Do we have stuff to do? Nope. Just routine daily chores.

The government is going to send me money I don’t need on Wednesday, according to the IRS. Okay. I’ll be helping those who do need it.

There are times I enjoy being old. This is one of those times.

In processing and adjusting my meds, I’ve learned a few things.

Probiotic pills make me very sick. Name a side effect. I had it until today. No probiotics mean no violent illnesses.

When they say to eat food when taking carvedilol, they don’t mean cookies. That, combined with coffee, will give me serious acid reflux.

Believe it or not, multivitamins for seniors can also have violent side effects if you aren’t healthy in the beginning.

I take lisinopril, amlodipene, atorvastatin and a couple of others at night. Because I take them when I go to bed, I’m good.

Read. Yeah, that’s it. Read.