Yesterday’s Payday

I got my regular pension yesterday. No one has tried to shove unnecessary funds in my face yet. I’m not interested in becoming a lazy First World hack, thank you. I would like to give it to charity, if they foist this on me, and that’s what I’ll do.

I realize there are those who need this for various reasons, like losing their jobs and/or some major life emergency. That’s not me. I’m at a good place in my life.Yes, I’m disabled, but they can’t fix it. I don’t want or need disability.

I have a beautiful husband, a cozy home, and 4 little 4-legged eccentric characters. For me, I have a fine life.

We owe no debt. We don’t need a car. We read. We watch a show or two on TV. We spend money only on what sustains us and live within our means. For two people who have about $18,000 a year, we are doing just as we should and glad to do so.

Screw Lizzie, the pretend Native, Bernie, the Communist, and the rest of them. We worked consciously and diligently to get where we are. We don’t want or need them.