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Today’s Adventure

Today’s adventure is into a book. I just told you about it, and when I walk that path, I will leave everything behind and just walk that way. I don’t get to go back to Scotland anymore otherwise, but I live there, so to speak, in my head.

I may be a Scot at heart, but I have been Americanized through circumstances out of my control.

So be it.

This also makes me think of Mama’s family, Dad’s Downs and Clydes, and other hereditary remnants. They’re interesting, to say the least. I write about them often, but in fits and starts. It’s like everyone else’s family. You think of things here and there, but putting them all together doesn’t really happen.

I will probably not really “write a book” about family. Everyone else has done this these days. Why would I? I have nothing new to tell. Besides, khan will be disappointed that she doesn’t have something to publicly trash. She thrives on public displays. I just can’t be part of that.

If I write “a book” at all, it will be something completely different.