Today is rife with negative challenges. Most prominent is barometric pressure. The forecasters have now not only threatened us with rain, they have declared its existence twice, neither event which actually happened. It’s still pretty dry. What they haven’t said yet, but HAS happened, is a dramatic change in barometric pressure coming from different directions and clashing in the air around us. No storms at all. Just ricocheting types of air pressure.

I know it’s hard to believe that anyone can be that in tune to the swing of the barometer, but I am and have always been.

Right now the blood in my veins is akin to crashing waves. Imagine that in the Plains. Some days the pain is excruciating particularly in my legs and in my head. This is one of those days.

I know I laugh about being Chesapeaked. I’m teasing. Still, I am of the opinion that what is happening right now is actually unusual for this area.

The second challenge of the day was ingesting far too much sugar. Donna brought over processed pies and brownies to avoid eating them herself. Dear heavenly hell! I had one slice of lemon pie. Now I’m acutely ill. An hour later, and I’m still trying to keep from hurling! No more rich garbage for me!