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Medical Update

It seems my Sarcoidosis symptoms have disappeared. Fewer pills, less aggravation no more autoimmune specialists for this. No freaking appointments for it.

My heart condition has been easing more and more since surgery. My BP is stable and normal, my body temperature is its low self, I adjusted my meds to reflect these changes, and there you go.

I will always combat the residuals from my strokes, but if I can rehab myself reasonably well, then I still win.

My autism? It’s a genetic anomaly. Nobody can “fix” it. I don’t need fixing…or labeling for that matter. And if you think I do, just bugger right off.

It’s no different from giving me a Mensa tag just because my IQ is high. So what if it is? Many other traits inherited from my family combine with it to make me who I am: unique.

I’m alive and doing well. So are Mark and our kitties.