This was my original magic number when I was ousted from the kingdom of Zuck ( for absolutely no qualified reason, I might add). I’d had exactly this number of friends for several years, and while I enjoy a few people around, I’d had no need for a hundred or more. It works well with my agoraphobia and its idiosyncrasies.

I say things and have no fear that this will turn into an Orwellian landscape. There are no thought police after me. Matt and his crew are nice people. I’m not a radical, and he knows this. So, apparently, does everyone else here.

I hit 70 followers last night. That works for me. That isn’t necessarily my limit, but if I don’t have more than this, it’s okay. If I do have more, that’s fine, too. Everybody just grab a coffee and park yourselves in the nearest chair. Let’s just enjoy. Today we’ll enjoy Tuesday.

And, of course, that coffee.

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