What I do on Sundays

My ancestors would be appalled.

While I believe in many things, following bloodthirsty and arrogant doctrines of different civilizations is not one of them. Therefore, I am not Catholic, Muslim, Anglican, Methodist, pick-a-church.

My grandfather was a Methodist minister. Most people thought he was a bit run-of-the-mill, and to them he probably was. He was most assuredly prejudiced after a fashion. I tended to ask him pointed questions, though, that he couldn’t answer. He guided me to find answers that satisfied me and not everyone else’s pat answers based on someone else’s literature. I went down a completely different path because of him. To me, because of what I was learning from all sides, this time of year was most assuredly “about the bunny” long before it was about anything formed by human civilizations.

Truthfully, I am not an atheist and I’m not a deist or any particularly human-contrived religiously oriented label. I believe in the construct of scientific query. I believe in the clarity of mathematics.

I believe that God exists. I believe that somewhere in history a great teacher named Jesus did live. Unlike most of those who claim their religious views are utterly and solely valid, I trust my understanding that the bunny did come first. And that very few people actually understand the compassion and teachings of Christ and his disciples, anyway. He was severely misunderstood and maligned.

I don’t go to church. I don’t read any bible as anything more than a reference book. I practice compassion. I look out for others. I forgive first. I rarely get angry for any reason anymore. I studied about the transient process of cultural anthropology; I know how it works.

I don’t believe in man’s development of “truthism”. It’s too improperly finite. No one has the right to bring that sort of definition into my world.

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