A wet day

I have lived here officially for two years as of yesterday. We live on a hill just west of the bay. It drizzles. It rains mildly when it does rain most times. For some reason we are generally protected from turbulence.

Then there’s today. Thunderstorms, potential hail. Huge downpours. The weather report shows a 70% chance of rain. I’m seeing 100% out the window. It’s not even close to the weather in Tornado Alley in Iowa. That’s where I grew up. But it’s wet enough.

The birds kept mum early on, putting on their little Wellies and Macs, finding their tiny umbrellas and plugging leaks in their roofs…preparing. There’s a bit of a lull, so they’re voicing their opinions now. Roger opted to stay in. He’s napping near Daddy’s chair. Boy howdy, he thinks. It’s too wet for me out there!

Sunday stories to continue shortly.

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