Saturday… err…Caturday…

I didn’t sleep from 1:30 to 5:30. Gizzie needed help because somehow he had shut himself in the bathroom. I let him out, of course, but sleep was not a happening thing after that. The walk to the bathroom woke me up just enough to set my mind at warp speed for the next 4 hours. Lovely.

There are some people on Facebook who wonder where I am. I’ve tried to explain the fallacy of thought control, but it isn’t comprehended. In reality, it just doesn’t matter because this is ‘Murica and people can do as they please. I was algorithmed into their gulag and left to die. They decided I violated their terms of service. I have no idea how. The truth is, in my life, there isn’t a need for the kingdom of Facebook or Zuck the Schmuck’s various other owned digital masses. After he completely deleted me and made it impossible to even use another email address to maybe start again, (I tried. I have 4.) I just felt it wasn’t worth the hassle to defend myself.

Instead of ranting and raving about his Orwellian behavior, I’m just getting on with things. Matt Mullenweg, one of the WordPress guys, is my friend and has been for a good 20 years, I think. Even though I left there for a while, coming back felt like I never was gone.

I’m comfortable here. Nobody has radically accused me of violating anything. I can speak without looking over my shoulder to see whose little bitty toes I might have stepped on, and I can be my autistic self. I am my own person. Never forget that.

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