Life, medicine

Adjustments and some things I no longer need.

There are times my body violently reacts to pills I’m taking. As it turns out, it’s not so much prescriptions as it is supplements, especially ones I’m taking “just in case”. Well, “just in case” is making me extremely ill.

I honestly have figured out when/how to take the prescription meds without causing, literally, fallout. Now to find a way around supplements. My feeling towards them is that they’re a waste of time and money for us. My bloodwork would agree. I’m pretty healthy, actually. All minerals are at normal levels. So are sugars, fats and so forth. Nothing is at an unacceptable level.

The prescription meds have everything to do with when I take them. In order to avert dizziness and system upset, I need to remember two things: they’re necessary and perhaps regulated incorrectly. That’s fixable. I get the necessity, especially because of my family history, but I’m also aware that I eat differently from my ancestors and this does, indeed, make a marked difference.

I haven’t touched a potato in something like 2 years. Pasta, the same. Meats are primarily chicken and salmon with one Nathan’s all beef frank a day. Any candy amount is small, as are cookies. Bread? A slice twice a day. Vegetables, rice, corn oil, plus frozen grapes, strawberries, and blueberries in season, and that will do it.

Yes. I crave junk. But I don’t eat junk.

So this much I know. My current blood pressure issues are hereditary. Since my heart surgery, I have no issues remaining. I take carvedilol, lisinopril, atorvastatin, amlodipene, and a low dose aspirin. Can I cut back on any of them? Time will tell. My Sarcoidosis is under control. No need for meds at all.

Can I go back to being my kind of normal now?