I utterly hate to travel. I just want to be. I function fairly well even with both my hip issue and my wobbly legs and knees. I use the walker for stability when moving. I’m just fine when I stand still depending on the when I take certain meds.

There are things that fit logically into the picture. After nearly 3 years, I am kindly going to request we move a few pieces of furniture. It will help. It’s not that we need more furniture, it’s that they need strategic placement.

Then there’s the incline between the house and the street. The right of way is all grass. I don’t want a step or concrete incline. I need wheels like this transportable wheelchair. My husband can feel useful, and I can get from point a to point b much faster. Allowing assistance is not a bad thing. We fixed that.

It isn’t small at all. I fit just fine. We won’t need another wheelchair at the hospital and it folds up beautifully to fit in a trunk. It’s a Drive Blue Streak. Cool.

As far as my autonomy otherwise is concerned, I am now allowed to feed the cats. I can feed them both dry and canned now. I have no problem with that. At night it’s a challenge because I have to find lights in the dark and not trip over so much crap in the way. I just need to move things around. A clean house is a safer house.

Sometimes I feel like a horse hobbled to a post that people then claim is crippled when it’s clearly not. I need patience. We’re getting there. Slowly.

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