Little Miss Lily

After spending 7 hours and a wad of cash, plus taking X-Rays looking for blockage, it turns out Miss Lily isn’t ill at all. She’s a drama queen.

They gave her an anti-emetic and fluids. We had to pick up all the food dishes overnight, so nobody ate like they usually did. In Gizzie’s case, this upset his stomach and he dry-heaved in the night in response. But he’s okay.

We admonished her that every time she pulls this we’re taking her to the vet and they’re going to always stick a thermometer up her backside.

Strange people poking and prodding. How humiliating! She’s quite subdued today, but at least we know she’s healthy.

Thanks for your good thoughts, everybody. You may not have commented, but a lot of you liked the post. I know what you meant.

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