But Seriously, Now…

I was poor before the pandemic. My life adjusted to this in retirement. I get an entire $700ish a month in retirement based on what I paid in taxes for 50 years. I am honestly not surprised and also learned to not behave “faux rich” after I turned 30.

I don’t need this stimulus money. The way I see it, those telling us not to keep expecting it every time we turn around are right. Many have said it’s government’s way of making us rely on them. I can see that point of view.

But I’m not like that. If I were going to rely on a government in power so much, I would have died long ago. I’m very grateful for kindness and compassion. They mean more to me than all the governments we’ve ever had in charge at any time.

It’s true that I don’t have children relying on me. I haven’t for decades. If I did, I would be using every skill I ever had and learning others to keep them fed and clothed. I would also be using resources available to me to provide for them.

That’s why we have libraries.

That’s why places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill exist.

It’s also why family shelters abound.

The world isn’t here to make everyone a spoiled brat, so stop being one. Give of yourself to others. The more you give, the more you receive in love, especially, in return.

I know how this works. From the 1980s to the day I retired in 2015, I gave of myself full time to comfort others. At one time I considered myself rich one year when I made a regular $300 a month. That’s about $3,600 a year. Before that, I made $0 to about $250, and it wasn’t regular.

So if I don’t get an arbitrary government payout, I’ll live, and consider myself lucky that I can say that. I’m really not the definition of a First Worlder, am I?

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