Demystifying Meds

Once again, I have the Mayo Clinic to thank for showing me the way with all my meds. They are my instructors in many ways. They take the unnecessary worry out of much that I do, teach me how to honestly perceive issues, and how to talk intelligently with my doctors.

Because of the shift, The Leaning Tower of Pisa has not fallen over. My body is shaking less each day, the cats are less of an obstacle and danger (thankgod!) and I’m starting to put one foot in front of the other steadily more and more each day.

It seems I am, in fact, taking entirely too heavy of doses for some of my medications because of all the work on me having been done a year ago…and nobody checked, apparently, on my limits. Phase up, phase down. Remember the phase down part!

It’s okay. I fixed it, thanks to my ability to research and question.

Unfortunately, overcaring is inadvertently part of what’s happening around me. I need to stay alert and patiently explain. I’m very grateful for a kind and understanding nurse practitioner and a loving husband.