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Yes, no, not that, just this.

I just finished Hamnet. It was well written and richly rewarding. But, man, was it painful. There were some bits to the story that mirrored my own life. Sorry, Ms. O’Farrell, but we can’t be friends. You hurt my heart and soul too much.

On the other hand, I’m reading Toynbee’s Armenian Atrocities. The fact it’s not fiction, not Shakespeare and still appallingly heartbreaking and real makes a difference for me.

I’m more a journalist both in the way I think and in my former life, even though I have a masters degree in literature. Mind, I also have at least one degree in journalism. None of that matters any more, but it has all formed my perceptions since I was a child.

I’ve enjoyed many works of fiction. I have lived and breathed non-fiction. And so it goes.